Importance of Lead Generation for your business


Lead Generation:

To understand the concept of lead generation, we need to probe deeper inside the meaning of the term ‘lead.’ A lead is defined as any person, who might show an inclination, or any interest, in your company’s services or products. Lead generation is the marketing process that is aimed at capturing the interest of costumes in a product or service to develop a sales pipeline. While generating leads, you manage to convert total strangers into someone who shows an indicated interest in the services you offer or products you sell.

Why is lead generation needed in sales?

Whenever a stranger shows an organic interest in your business, it’s natural for him to shift from a stranger to a customer. The processes of buying have changed, and so, marketers need to keep up with the changing trends and find unique ways to reach buyers to be heard. Instead of bombarding costumers by mass advertising, marketers need to focus on generating consistent leads.

Why do businesses struggle to grow?

Businesses tend to think that they struggle due to poor economic conditions. However, the truth Is that most of them face a lead generation problem.  Salespeople fail to meet their targets because they believe they have already hit the limit of companies and people that they are selling their products or services to. In reality, however, these salespeople are likely:

  • Searching in the wrong places for business
  • Don’t possess a method for qualifying or disqualifying leads
  • Haven’t mapped buyer personas properly

Generating the right leads

Now the question arises, ‘how do I generate the right leads?’

Many years ago, leads were generated by going household to household,  meeting people one by one, cold calling, and purchasing lists. Every experienced sales person might know that pure cold calling has many flaws. Of course, it will develop leads, but this process is very time consuming, and it should never be the only source for lead generation.

Due to advances in technology, we have many other options to generate lead as well. Targeting and acquiring ideal leads has been made quite easy. But how?

Search engines and social media have made the process of generating leads quite easier. In a matter of seconds, you can find many people and companies who are suitable for a potential sale. It will take some extra research and time, yes, to find the contact information of your new lead and then contacting them, but it is a thousand times more effective than cold calling. It then, makes sense, for companies to hire full-time employees to dedicate themselves to lead generation only.

Lead generation marketing:

There are many ways to market to generate leads

  • Creating content to provide visitors with useful information
  • Using email to reach people who are familiar with your brand or services
  • Retargeting and ads
  • Write blogs to promote an offer
  • Using social media platforms to spread the word
  • Offer trials of your service or product to encourage people to buy

A sales team cannot dream of being useful without leads. Therefore, generating a good deal is just as important as the quality of the services or products they offer, or their marketing strategies.



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